Odd error when doing pkg_version

Alexander Best arundel at freebsd.org
Tue Sep 20 21:40:48 UTC 2011

On Tue Sep 20 11, Ron (Lists) wrote:
> >>Starting a couple of days ago, when I run pkg_version I get the
> >>following error:
> >>
> >>/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libgdbm.so.3" not found, 
> >>required
> >>by "httpd"
> >>
> >>Everything seems to run OK except for this message appearing in the
> >>middle of the run.  I've tried to narrow it down with no real luck.
> >>
> >>I've tried searching for ports with libgdbm or ld-elf in them and am
> >>not finding any (installed or not).
> >>
> >>Does anyone know where this is coming from and how to fix it?
> >
> >maybe
> >
> >portupgrade -f httpd\*
> >
> >?
> Yeah, I tried looking at that, but I don't have the httpd port 
> installed or any of the other variations of httpd.  Or if I do, it 
> doesn't show up anywhere that I can see.

hmmm....no idea then. sorry.

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