FreeBSD 8.2 Partition Sizing question

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Sep 14 18:55:36 UTC 2011

On 14/09/2011 19:31, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> On Sep 14, 2011, at 11:27 AM, Jonathan Vomacka wrote:
>>> In regards to partitioning, I have a question regarding a "rumor"
>>> that has been told to me by various different linux experts, and
>>> I wanted to confirm if this also takes place with FreeBSD Unix.
>>> In the past, I have always had the root filesystem (/) and the
>>> /usr filesystem all on seperate partitions. I was told that
>>> having /usr on a seperate partition is an "old" way of doing
>>> things and actually causes issues when /usr is mounted separately
>>> from root (/). Does this play true in FreeBSD or is that thought
>>> process nonsense? I was told to create a larger root filesystem
>>> and NOT create usr seperately as /usr will mount off the root
>>> filesystem anyway. Will there be any issues by having /usr on a
>>> separate partition then root? I will like to know any opinions on
>>> this, as well as suggestions based on how other FreeBSD guru's
>>> have their server setups.

> There is nothing wrong with having / and /usr on separate partitions;
> in fact, there are some mild advantages to fine-grained partitioning
> for folks who pay attention to their filesystem space usage.
> However, there is nothing wrong with a single root partition (well,
> and swap partition), either.

Use ZFS and you can put / and /usr on different filesystems (zfses),
without any need to worry about not having made any of those filesystems
big enough.  (Since all the free space is held in common for all of the
zfses on the same zpool.) The best of both worlds.



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