FreeBSD 8.2 Partition Sizing question

Jonathan Vomacka juvix88 at
Wed Sep 14 18:27:10 UTC 2011

Good afternoon,

In regards to partitioning, I have a question regarding a "rumor" that 
has been told to me by various different linux experts, and I wanted to 
confirm if this also takes place with FreeBSD Unix. In the past, I have 
always had the root filesystem (/) and the /usr filesystem all on 
seperate partitions. I was told that having /usr on a seperate partition 
is an "old" way of doing things and actually causes issues when /usr is 
mounted separately from root (/). Does this play true in FreeBSD or is 
that thought process nonsense? I was told to create a larger root 
filesystem and NOT create usr seperately as /usr will mount off the root 
filesystem anyway. Will there be any issues by having /usr on a separate 
partition then root? I will like to know any opinions on this, as well 
as suggestions based on how other FreeBSD guru's have their server setups.

Any suggestions on partitioning schema's for a general LAMP stack 
server, and maybe some gameservers would be GREATLY appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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