Intel 82573E NIC and BMC with FreeBSD 8

Rafael NAVAZA rnavaza at
Tue Sep 13 17:36:10 UTC 2011

Hi there,

I added a M3291 BMC on a TYAN S5197 motherboard and I'm trying to make it work with FreeBSD 8.

I first tried to set it up with Linux, and it was pretty annoying ...
What TYAN DID say to do is :

- DOS, flash the S5197 Motherboard with the latest BIOS 
- DOS, flash the M3291 BMC with the correct Firmware
- DOS, flash the Intel NIC (82573E) EEProm to enable IPMI
- DOS, configure the MAC/IP of the BMC (I choose a BMC MAC different from the NIC MAC, and of course an IP different from the host)
- LINUX, "modprobe ipmi_si type=kcs ports=0xca8 irqs=0 regspacings=4"

All that is correct but not sufficient because I can only access to the BMC locally !!!

- DOS, declare the BMC MAC on the Intel NIC (82573E) EEProm "eeupdate.exe /NIC=1 /MNGMAC=00:E0:81:XX:XX:XX"
- LINUX, "modprobe e1000e CrcStripping=0"

Now it works with Linux :D

Now it is the FreeBSD turn :)

Well, it doesn't work "as is" ... :

- FREEBSD, "kldload ipmi" -> doesn't give access to the BMC locally
- FREEBSD, "ifconfig_em0=DHCP" -> makes the BMC to stop responding

My question : is there any equivalent in FreeBSD of the Linux kernel parameters that I have previously used ?

Any help would be appreciated ;) 

Rafael NAVAZA.


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