Printing from Firefox broken after update.

Polytropon freebsd at
Sun Sep 11 12:07:38 UTC 2011

On Sun, 11 Sep 2011 07:21:40 -0400, Jerry wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Sep 2011 08:53:42 +0200
> Polytropon articulated:
> > Do you get better results when printing to a file (PS) and
> > then sending it directly to the printer (via lpr)? Maybe
> > this problem is comparable to my Opera printing problem
> > (where I could identify Opera being the source of invalid
> > PS data).
> Wow, what a waste of time that is. I just use MS Windows when I have to
> print and avoid all that rigmarole.

Fully agree. I just use a PS printer (networked) and can
print directly from any system and any application, no
need for any rigmaroles. :-)

> Firefox use to work correctly; however, it no longer does. At first I
> thought it was a localized phenomena; however, after checking on
> several different forums I have concluded that it is far more wide
> spread than I had originally thought.

This seems to be typical for development project that
focus on "development at any cost", dropping functionality
or accidentally losing some. Sadly such behaviour is not
limited to Firefox, but also to other programs many users
consider essential.

> There have been reports filed against this behavior. If and when they
> are acted upon is anyone's guess. In the mean time, I just use what is
> convenient and works reliably without adding an undo burden upon
> myself.

Well, I always have problems understanding why functionality
that has been working perfectly for years stops working,
especially when changes that programmers made are in _no_
obvious relation to that functionality...

This means: Don't update your software if you want to keep
it working. And use a real printer that JUST WORKS. :-)

> Continual use of broken software effectively makes the end
> user and enabler; something I have no desire to invest my time in.

Also agree. Firefox is not the only web browser available
and usable (although it might be the world's favourite one).
And finally, it wouldn't be the first product that users
abandon due to such lack of... quality? Is this correct?
I'd say yes.

Coming back on topic:

It would be useful to identify Firefox as initiator of
the printing problems (if that isn't clear yet), just to
make sure that it isn't CUPS (which often is used for its
printer filters when using "winprinters"). That's why
involving the "Print to file" step sounds useful here.
In case Firefox produces defective Postscript, that would
indicate that it's really a Firefox thing that should
be fixed as soon as possible.

This step of diagnostics should help to be sure _what_
to fix.

By the way, I'm still using Firefox 6.0.1 here and don't
have printing problems, even using with CUPS 1.4.6.

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