returning to 8.2 from 9.0

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at
Sat Sep 10 19:10:13 UTC 2011

Rodolpho Henrique Orlovsky Eckhardt wrote:
> On 13:49 Sat 10 Sep     , Fbsd8 wrote:
>> After erasing the front of the HD nether 9.0 or 8.2 will install.
>> Can I use livecd dd command to erase the second copy of the GPT?
>> Where is it at?
> Try "gpart destroy -F <disk>". You should be able to recreate a GPT or MBR scheme after that.

gpart destroy -F da0
gives this message
gpart: geom 'da0': Invalid argument
da0 has the HD in question connected through usb port.

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