returning to 8.2 from 9.0

Michel Talon talon at
Sat Sep 10 18:51:13 UTC 2011

On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 03:19:30PM -0300, Rodolpho Henrique Orlovsky Eckhardt wrote:
> On 13:49 Sat 10 Sep     , Fbsd8 wrote:
> > After erasing the front of the HD nether 9.0 or 8.2 will install.
> > Can I use livecd dd command to erase the second copy of the GPT?
> > Where is it at?
> Try "gpart destroy -F <disk>". You should be able to recreate a GPT or MBR scheme after that.

If gpart destroy doesn't work, perhaps gpart recover followed by gpart
destroy may work. If gpart is unavailable, reading man gpart shows that
the second copy is at the end of the disk.


Michel TALON

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