Samba question

Graeme Dargie arab at
Sat Sep 10 11:20:53 UTC 2011

Hi All

I am sure there is a simple answer to this but I google has not overly helped.

I am trying to mount a samba share that is on a FreeBSD 8.2 server to another FreeBSD 8.2 server,

Mount_smbfs -I <IP> //user at host/share /mountpoint

It then asks for a password, I enter the users password and then get mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = Authentication error

Dmesg is showing smb_co_lock: recursive lock for object 1

I have samba integrated with Active Directory, so I then thought ah maybe adding the user to AD would help, so I have done so using the same password etc still no joy, I have make sure the user has access rights on the samba share, restarted samba and the same error persists, any ideas ?



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