Problems with EFI / partitioning with FreeBSD ONLY mac mini ... from USB drive ...

Mm Bsd mmbsd1982 at
Mon Oct 31 17:36:42 UTC 2011

I booted the 8.2-RELEASE CD on my Intel mac mini, which has a thumb drive plugged into USB.

I promptly entered FIXIT and used dd to zero out the ENTIRE internal hard drive.  I may use it, I may not, but for now I want to reduce variables and I don't want remnants of OSX on that disk tripping me up.

I exited FIXIT and proceeded with a plain old install of FreeBSD 8.2 onto the thumb drive, which was seen as da0.  Upon rebooting, I see a folder icon with a question mark inside of it, blinking on the screen.  The mac mini cannot see an OS to boot.

I have tried to solve this by:

- same as above, but "plain old" loader instead of FreeBSD boot manager.  Both failed

- During install, in FDISK, using the "T" option to change the type to 238

Still failing.  Any idea what the missing part of this recipe is

NOTE:  I see something of an answer here:

But I do not know how to "put a dummy MBR there even if using GPT layout" ... so if that is the answer, some additional details, please :)

Just trying to boot FreeBSD, and only FreeBSD, off of the thumb drive plugged into a mac mini with no other disks.  Any help appreciated.

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