Updating emacs fails

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sun Oct 23 22:03:15 UTC 2011

>>> On 23/10/2011 09:03, John R. Levine wrote:
>>>>>    checking for tparm in -lncurses... no
>>>>> but that's not correct.  libncurses should certainly contain that
>>>>> symbol.  I get a 'yes' there on my stable/8 machine.  As -lncurses is
>>>>> part of your LDFLAGS ... hmmm... do you have libncurses on your system
>>>>> anywhere other than in /lib ?
>>>> I have the ncurses-5.9 package installed from ports.  Several gnome
>>>> programs depend on it:
>>>> pkg_delete: package 'ncurses-5.9' is required by these other packages
>>>> and may not be deinstalled:
>>>> aalib-1.4.r5_6
>>>> gnome-games-2.32.1_2
>>>> guile-1.8.8
>>>> libcdio-0.82_2
>>>> libxine-1.1.19_7
>>> Interesting.  Can you try moving /usr/local/lib/libncurses.* and
>>> /usr/local/include/ncurses.h aside temporarily and then rebuild emacs?
>>> If that works, then looks like you've found a bug in the editors/emacs
>>> port, which should be reported to the port's maintainer.
>> Yup, that fixed it.  I'll file a bug report.  I tried rebuilding some
>> of the packages that allegedly depend on the ncurses port, and they
>> all seemed to work OK, so the right solution may be to deprecate the
>> ncurses port or fold it into the mainline system.
> The way it's supposed to work is that emacs will depend on (and link to)
> ncurses if it's installed when the emacs port is built, and to the base
> system curses if not.  I just did a quick test, and this was just what
> did happen.  So at least part of the problem is local to your system...

Did you try installing the ncurses port and then rebuilding emacs? For 
some reason the library in the ncurses port doesn't define the termcap 
routines, leading to the problem.

This computer has an extremely vanilla install of 8.2 with gnome.  I'm 
having trouble figuring what I'm doing different from anyone else other 
than perhaps doing portupgrade more often than others do.

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