updating 8.1 release

wayne mitchell wayne.mitchell.iz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 08:51:59 UTC 2011

just tried to update a system using 'csup'
current system is: 8.1 RELEASE on a amd machine (amd64 GENERIC kernel)
tried downloading the CURRENT branch ( tag=. )
when running "make buildworld"
get an exit with error at /usr/lib/libmagic
system gives various warnings about unknown file types and incorrect
variable bounds
then exits with error 1 - 'cannot find any magic files'

tried this again with ( tag=RELENG_8 ) - exact same problem
tried this again with  ( tag=RELENG_8.2 ) - exact same problem

also tried "make buildworld" in multi-user -and- single-user

where should i expect to find any magic files on the system tree ?

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