filesystem type in new installer

Warren Block wblock at
Mon Oct 3 02:33:06 UTC 2011

On Mon, 3 Oct 2011, Michael wrote:

> What are the valid filesystem types in Partition Editor?
> Installer gives two examples: freebsd-ufs and freebsd-swap. I guess that I 
> can use freebsd-zfs but what are the others? And is that list accessible from 
> the installer itself (some kind of help system) or should I look in external 
> documentation?
> It's in the news that it supports geli, zfs and others but I don't see any of 
> these options in the installer. Where should I look?

Short-term, the gpart(8) man page:
   Scroll down to Partition Types.

Long-term... don't know.  FWIW, I agree that the program should be 
self-documenting.  That might be difficult with all the partition 

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