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According to "Galati, Michael" <mcg+fbsd at> on Wed, 11/23/11 at 00:40:
> If you still have trouble compiling, you could always do a fresh
> install off one of the 9.0-RC2 images on a spare machine (or on
> virtual machine; VirtualBox works well for this), and build the
> sources there.  Once the make build{world,kernel} steps complete, copy
> (or export over NFS) /usr/{src,obj} to the machine to be upgraded, and
> do the usual make install{kernel,world} (and mergemaster) steps.
> I just did this just yesterday to bring a test box up from stable/8 to
> stable/9; worked like a charm.  YMMV.
> Apparently freebsd-update(8) works for binary updates as well, but
> I've never used it (check the release announcement on freebsd-current
> or freebsd-stable from the 17th).
> Good luck! ^_^'

Thanks.  I am now happily running 9.0-PRERELEASE (!) and finally past
all those weird bsdinstall issues.  What a mess!  Thanks for all the
replies and help.  I didn't use anything other than what I view as the
"standard" (t/m) way to upgrade: csup-of-stable/buildworld/installworld
which method has always worked in the past for me, but had trouble in
the attempt to upgrade to a 9.x variant before it was ready for prime
time.  I would not normally have done this, but there were extenuating
circumstances that required the attempt.  Thanks again.  :-)



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