9.0-PRERELEASE slow scp transfer

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at infracaninophile.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 16:09:58 UTC 2011

On 22/11/2011 15:17, Bas Smeelen wrote:
> When i copy a file with scp which is a few hundred megabytes on2. from 1.i
> get about 130 KB/s
> I can find nothing in the logs or netstat errors on this 9.0-PRERELEASE box.
> I have switched network kabels and ports on the switch.
> How could i further investigate?

Check the duplex settings in ifconfig(8) output on all three machines.
They should all say:

   media: Ethernet autoselect (1000baseTX <full-duplex>)

assuming you're not forcing everything to a particular speed.  Any
mention of '100baseTX <half-duplex>' indicates a failure to negotiate
the link settings, which could well be due to a hardware problem.  Mind
you, in that case you'ld see plenty of errors in the output of 'netstat -i'

If that's not the problem then it sounds like you've eliminated all the
obvious causes.  Which means a bug in 9.0-PRERELEASE, so please bring
this up on freebsd-current at ... where it should come to the attention of
the developers working on getting 9.0 out of the door.  Include 'pciconf
-lbv' output for the NICs and PHYs on all three machines if you would be
so kind.



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