where to ask about problems with bsdinstall in 9.0RC2?

Thomas Mueller mueller6727 at bellsouth.net
Sun Nov 20 10:46:06 UTC 2011

from William Bulley <web at umich.edu>:

> Possible, but unlikely.  Plus I doubt that 'tar -tvf base.txz' without a
> pipe having an "xzcat(1)" in front of the "tar(1)" command.  Maybe there
> is an "xz" option for tar(1) during extraction mode, but my tar(1) man
> page doesn't list any, sigh...  It does list -y and -z options for other
> compression/decompression modes, hmmm....   :-(

It looks like tar in extraction mode automatically recognizes xz compression in the file to be extracted from.

Section from the man page for tar in FreeBSD 9.0-RC1:

     -J, --xz
             (c mode only) Compress the resulting archive with xz(1).  In
             extract or list modes, this option is ignored.  Note that, unlike
             other tar implementations, this implementation recognizes XZ com-
             pression automatically when reading archives.


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