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>> > Hi!
>> > One more question before I start installing FreeBSD 9.0 RC-2.
>> > Now we have a new bsdinstall and as I red and if I understood
>> > correct there is also SU journaling file sistem. I will switch to
>> > the GPT partion. If I want to have SU-j file system is it enough
>> > that I just choose this option and voila?
>> Yes. I think so. 'options UFS_GJOURNAL' is present in GENERIC kernel
>> config. If you use GENERIC kernel, it is there.
> UFS_GJOURNAL is for gjournal not soft-update journalling. 
> A file system doesn't actually need to be created with either
> soft-updates or soft-update journalling- it's something that can be
> turned of and on. And yes enabling it in the installer should be
> sufficient.

Thanks for clarifying. 

>> > And another question is about ports. There is an option "ports
>> > tree" which is marked default. It is okay that I use this later
>> > with portsnap?
>> Sure. portsnap is designed to work with the ports tree.
> There's no point in installing the default tree since portsnap has to
> do an initial "extract". In general I'd suggest starting portsnap on an
> empty ports directory just to eliminate any minor cruft.

Yes. the ports tree on the installation CD/DVD is always old and only
takes longer time to install than without them.

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