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Sat Nov 19 13:18:11 UTC 2011

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Denise H. G. wrote:

> On 2011/11/19 at 20:09, ajtiM <lumiwa at> wrote:
> > 
> > Hi!
> > One more question before I start installing FreeBSD 9.0 RC-2.
> > Now we have a new bsdinstall and as I red and if I understood
> > correct there is also SU journaling file sistem. I will switch to
> > the GPT partion. If I want to have SU-j file system is it enough
> > that I just choose this option and voila?
> Yes. I think so. 'options UFS_GJOURNAL' is present in GENERIC kernel
> config. If you use GENERIC kernel, it is there.

UFS_GJOURNAL is for gjournal not soft-update journalling. 

A file system doesn't actually need to be created with either
soft-updates or soft-update journalling- it's something that can be
turned of and on. And yes enabling it in the installer should be

> > And another question is about ports. There is an option "ports
> > tree" which is marked default. It is okay that I use this later
> > with portsnap?
> Sure. portsnap is designed to work with the ports tree.

There's no point in installing the default tree since portsnap has to
do an initial "extract". In general I'd suggest starting portsnap on an
empty ports directory just to eliminate any minor cruft.

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