Geom Gate usage and perf

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Fri Nov 18 14:57:29 UTC 2011

Jerome Herman <jherman at> wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone is using geom gate and could help me with huge 
> perf issue I am having.
> Right now the set up is such : 3 drives on the same machine A, exported 
> through geom gate and connected to machine B.
> On machine B I format the drives as freebsd-vinum and mount them in 
> stripping+mirroring.
> The end goal is to have High Availability drives.
> The setup is working, but the perf are awfull. Thinking It was due to 
> software stripping and mirroring slowing the process down I tried with 
> only one drive with a standard UFS format.
> The perf are still horrible. When the drive is mounted locally on 
> machine A and I copy data with rsync from machine B; I have a steady 
> 12MB/s data transfer rate.
> When the same drive is mounted with geom gate on machine B, the copy 
> rate is around 6KB/s to 25KB/s
> The drive was tested for I/O problems twice, and nothing was found.
> Any idea or suggestion as to where the problem might come from ?

I haven't used ggate in years, but if I remember correctly
I had performance issues as well until I significantly
increased the send and receive buffers for ggatec and ggated.

I think I never reached the performance I had hoped for,
but at least it got good enough to be usable.

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