Geom Gate usage and perf

Jerome Herman jherman at
Fri Nov 18 14:32:53 UTC 2011


Just wondering if anyone is using geom gate and could help me with huge 
perf issue I am having.
Right now the set up is such : 3 drives on the same machine A, exported 
through geom gate and connected to machine B.
On machine B I format the drives as freebsd-vinum and mount them in 

The end goal is to have High Availability drives.

The setup is working, but the perf are awfull. Thinking It was due to 
software stripping and mirroring slowing the process down I tried with 
only one drive with a standard UFS format.

The perf are still horrible. When the drive is mounted locally on 
machine A and I copy data with rsync from machine B; I have a steady 
12MB/s data transfer rate.
When the same drive is mounted with geom gate on machine B, the copy 
rate is around 6KB/s to 25KB/s

The drive was tested for I/O problems twice, and nothing was found.

Any idea or suggestion as to where the problem might come from ?

Thanks for your help.
Jerome Herman

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