Serial console with incorrect terminal set

James Edwards jedwards at
Wed Nov 16 22:31:53 UTC 2011

On Wed, November 16, 2011 14:52, J65nko wrote:
> You can stop ping with :
>     $ pkill -TERM ping
>>From the ping man page:
> -c count
> 	     Stop after sending (and receiving) count ECHO_RESPONSE packets.
> 	     If this option is not specified, ping will operate until inter-
> 	     rupted.
> So with something like "ping -c4" , it would stop after 4 pings.
> Good luck ;)
> Adriaan

Hello Adriaan,

Thanks for the response, but unfortunately, that's not really what I was
looking for, as it was not feasible - I was unable to open another
terminal in order to kill the ping process.  I probably should have
elaborated more, but I was running this from a fixit live cd, but do you
know if it is possible to open more than one terminal over serial?

I ended up having it powered off earlier today, and when I powered it back
on, I made sure to have the correct console keyboard layout, and CTRL + C
was working correctly.


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