9.0-RC1 Perl tests fail

Chuck Bacon crtb at cape.com
Mon Nov 14 20:39:12 UTC 2011

Thanks again for info about disabling 1394 :-)  Easy.
Now here's a harder one:  Installing any version of Perl;
I found I can install perl5.8, but my 8.2-RELEASE has a
perfectly good Perl5.10.  Each of my 9.0 Perl attempts
perl5.10, 13 and 14 has Failed tests.  Such a vast number
of tests with so little info as to which feature my 98 or
so failed tests comes from!  CPAN shows its latest release
as perl5-0.08 !  I suspect the Perl versions I've tried
may be uniquely numbered for FreeBSD.  Any help?
     Thanks for any help!
 	Chuck Bacon -- crtb at cape.com

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