X server and xinit works excellent....almost.

Michael Cardell Widerkrantz mc at hack.org
Thu Nov 10 19:20:44 UTC 2011

Chuck Swiger <cswiger at mac.com>, 2011-11-10 20:12 (+0100):

> Different keycaps means a different product SKU, at least. If they use
> the same USB product ID

Yes. I think this is a quite common scenario.

> FreeBSD's users generally are more technically inclined and might be
> willing to deal with this, but even so, I suspect that most folks
> would appreciate the system trying to figure out that an AZERTY
> keyboard layout means French, that JIS means Japanese, that QWERTZ
> probably indicates German / Swiss / Hungarian, etc.


> To my mind, though, that's a fallback for when you have a KVM or a
> PS/2-to-USB converter or suchlike in the way that prevents the device
> from being correctly recognized.

Or when you have, say, a keyboard that physically is an ANSI keyboard
(one less physical key compared to ISO keyboards) but still want, say, a
Swedish keymap or, indeed, your very own keymap, unlike any other. Like
me when I'm using one of my Happy Hacking Keyboards. Topre switches FTW!

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