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Would you like to start a business without any investment and to receive FREE product sample. 

And, be part of the global growth of a company from NEW ZEALAND. 
 3 easy steps,
1.   1.    Click to: <> 
2.    2.  Sign up your particulars to get your own FREE web page.
3.   3.   Introduce to your friends (minimum 3), forward your web page and you will receive FREE products(worth USD40.00) once they sign up.
This promotion is only until  Dec 3rd 2011 (Launching Date)

1.      The company, New Image International a public listed company based in New Zealand will start operation in Thailand, India and Indonesia by Nov 2011.  It has been in Malaysia for 4 years and produces 15 millionaires to date. They have been in business for 27 years and ranking 81 in the world.  They are the largest COLOSTRUM distributor in the world.  COLOSTRUM is the first MILK given to mammals (human, cow, goat etc) when they give birth to a baby.  COLOSTRUM is world most powerful health supplement in 21 century.  It has NZD 20 million product liability insurance.  Please visit company’s webpage <>.
2.      You will among the pioneer in India and your role is just to forward the e-mail to your friends. Call your friends and request them to open the email and ask them to do the same. Forward the website to as many as your friends (minimum 3 persons) all over India.  But, don’t forget to copy paste your new WEB ADDRESS, <>
3.       Imagine your RESIDUAL INCOME in November if just distribute to as many people as possible...let say 2000 under you!
             2000 x 1500 Rupees X 5% = ????????????????????? (Nothing to lose, just e-mail and 
             telling others to do the same)
4.      New Image will be launched in USA in Feb 2012 at Las Vegas MGM Plaza, then you can also distribute to USA!
Good luck and do contact me if you have any question. 
Note: Build your network on company expense; send to as many people as possible.  
Wan Masri Haida 
Email wanmasrihaida at <mailto:+60193278824wanmasrihaida at>
 Facebook!/wmhaida <!/wmhaida>

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