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Zantgo wrote:

> I write "make buildworld", this is the answer:
> #make buildworld
> make: don't know how to make buildworld. Stop

Since this works just fine for all those who have learned how to use FreeBSD 
I can only assume this indicates you do not know what you are doing.

> PS: I use FreeBSD 9.0 RC1, and I try to follow current

This is a poor choice for anyone new to FreeBSD. There are mainly 3 branches 
of FreeBSD to consider: -CURRENT is for developers and other contributors 
working on the next version of FreeBSD, -STABLE is somewhat in the middle in 
that it will have patches for problems that have been fixed in current and 
merged back to earlier release versions of code, and RELEASE. There is also 
a SECURITY branch where only security patches are updated to RELEASE.

Since it is obvious you do not know what you are doing the best place for 
you to begin is RELEASE. Install and begin using a RELEASE version as a 
learning tool. This means version 8.2! The Handbook may have pieces which 
are old and could stand updating, but largely it is _THE_ reference you 
should be working your way through as you proceed to learn FreeBSD. The 
greatest bulk of what you need to learn is in there. It comes in versions 
other than English too:

If your only exposure to date with computers has been with Windows and you 
are looking to expand your reach, you will first find that the *Nix world is 
heavy on reading documentation and trying to figure stuff out for yourself 
first, before splattering help channels with every little thing that comes 
along. Once you have made some intial effort you will find that you are in a 
better position to provide better details on how we can help you. We cannot 
help you with the effort you need to make in learning the basics, and these 
basics are all contained in the documentation. 

I will make no effort to address your error. First of all, you should not be 
starting in FreeBSD with a release candidate and following -CURRENT. Your 
error is the result of trying to jump over learning what you need to know.


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Is it just me or does someone need to choke this guy. We all had to start
somewhere and granted this guy's question was a newbie one, but please
get off your soapbox. It's amazing how you make no effort to help this
person yet you have the time to make alot of effort to ridicule. Your entire
response could have been as simple as:

cd /usr/src

I work with people all the time who complain that they have no time to
help you yet they have all the time in the world to send a lame e-mail 
complaining about how they have no time to help you.

Lighten up ... life is too short,

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