Make buildworld don't run

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Wed Nov 2 20:32:59 UTC 2011

Zantgo wrote:
> El 02-11-2011, a las 17:00, Michael Powell <nightrecon at>
> escribió:
>> If your only exposure to date with computers has been with Windows and
>> you are looking to expand your reach, you will first find that the *Nix
>> world is heavy on reading documentation and trying to figure stuff out
>> for yourself first, before splattering help channels with every little
>> thing that comes along. Once you have made some intial effort you will
>> find that you are in a better position to provide better details on how
>> we can help you. We cannot help you with the effort you need to make in
>> learning the basics, and these basics are all contained in the
>> documentation.
>> I will make no effort to address your error. First of all, you should not
>> be starting in FreeBSD with a release candidate and following -CURRENT.
>> Your error is the result of trying to jump over learning what you need to
>> know
> Now this worked for me and at one time thought to hold steady, but I
> thought that opened many dependencies, and need more current packages so
> take care not release

Nope. Make buildworld is how you begin a source-based upgrade to the 
operating system. This is completely different and separate from anything 
package related. You are completely on the wrong track with this. Study the 
Handbook some more and this may become apparent.

When you refresh your ports tree (which handles dependency tracking whether 
you are installing from ports or using packages) you will always be looking 
at the latest ports/packages. This is true no matter which branch of the OS 
you are using. Install RELEASE, refresh your ports tree, and you will still 
have all the 'most current packages'. You do *NOT* need to be running -
CURRENT in order to have the 'most current packages'!

This still reiterates the need for you to read and study the documentation. 
All of this information is present in the documentation.


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