Make buildworld don't run

Zantgo zantgo at
Wed Nov 2 20:12:54 UTC 2011

El 02-11-2011, a las 17:00, Michael Powell <nightrecon at> escribió:

> If your only exposure to date with computers has been with Windows and you 
> are looking to expand your reach, you will first find that the *Nix world is 
> heavy on reading documentation and trying to figure stuff out for yourself 
> first, before splattering help channels with every little thing that comes 
> along. Once you have made some intial effort you will find that you are in a 
> better position to provide better details on how we can help you. We cannot 
> help you with the effort you need to make in learning the basics, and these 
> basics are all contained in the documentation. 
> I will make no effort to address your error. First of all, you should not be 
> starting in FreeBSD with a release candidate and following -CURRENT. Your 
> error is the result of trying to jump over learning what you need to know

Now this worked for me and at one time thought to hold steady, but I thought that opened many dependencies, and need more current packages so take care not release

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