How to get /dev/smb* ?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Nov 2 16:47:20 UTC 2011

> Have you tried:
>   $ sysctl -a | grep temperature
>   dev.cpu.0.temperature: 29.2C
>   dev.cpu.1.temperature: 29.2C

s/temperature/temp/ & some systems will show more, eg:

sysctl -a | grep temp | grep -v template
	dev.cpu.0.temperature: 35.0C
	dev.amdtemp.0.%desc: AMD K8 Thermal Sensors
	dev.amdtemp.0.%driver: amdtemp
	dev.amdtemp.0.%parent: hostb4
	dev.amdtemp.0.sensor0.core0: 35.0C
	dev.amdtemp.0.sensor0.core1: 35.0C
	dev.amdtemp.0.sensor1.core0: 35.0C
	dev.amdtemp.0.sensor1.core1: 35.0C

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