How to get /dev/smb* ?

Carl Johnson carlj at
Wed Nov 2 16:09:45 UTC 2011

Антон Клесс <rc5hack at> writes:

>> mbmon is very old.  I've never gotten it to work on any machine I've
>> every tried it on.
>> Does your boot time output show anything smb-related at all, such as
>> maybe "smbios0: <System Management BIOS> at ..."?  It's possible that
>> your machine simply has no support for this.
> # dmesg -a |grep smb
> - returns nothing.
> Does it means that it is no way to read temperature sensors on motherboard?

Have you tried:

  $ sysctl -a | grep temperature
  dev.cpu.0.temperature: 29.2C
  dev.cpu.1.temperature: 29.2C

for your system?
I have an AMD cpu and the amdtemp kernel module provides that
information.  I am not familiar with the Intel cpus, but the coretemp
module is supposed to provide the same information for them.  I use
gkrellm for various thing, and it will display that information

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