RAM needed for DHCP + router?

Chris Hill chris at monochrome.org
Fri May 27 01:16:29 UTC 2011

On Thu, 26 May 2011, Gary Gatten wrote:

> Your biggest consumers would be FBSD itself and the routing tables. I 
> *think* full internet routing tables are still less than 512MB, (google 
> to check), so unless you have more routes than that - 512MB may work, 
> 1GB most likely will.  Too many unknowns, like; is this ipv4 only or 6 
> and 4 routes? Tweaked/minimal kernel, etc.

Sorry, forgot to mention: inet4 for now, probably mixed with v6 in years 
to come. GENERIC kernel if at all possible (trying to minimize maintenance 
and general fussiness level).

And in reponse to Chuck,

> How many DHCP leases and NAT clients?

At any one time, probably dozens (maybe hundreds) of leases and hundreds 
(maybe thousands) of NAT clients, but not tens of thousands. Leases and 
NAT clients will come and go on a daily or weekly basis as equipment is 
tested, configured and shipped out.

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> Hello list,
> I'm looking to build a NAT / DHCP box for a lab network for my company. My
> question is, how do I estimate the amount of RAM the machine will need?
> This box will be running isc-dhcpd, doing NAT either via natd or pf, and
> not much else. I expect the amount of traffic (throughput) to be very
> small, but the address space involved is quite large, at least by my
> standards. It seems to me that this will require potentially large amounts
> of memory for routing tables, etc., but not much disk.
> I'll be installing the latest -RELEASE; 32-bit if I can, 64-bit if I must,
> depending on how much memory it looks like I'll need. I may also install
> webmin for the benefit of my computer-literate-but-not-unix-savvy
> coworkers.
> Thanks!
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