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Wed May 25 12:17:12 UTC 2011

On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 07:58:56AM +0300, Patrick Brookings wrote:
> Hello,
> Can you please tell me what standard version of Python comes with the
> latest FreeBSD?  And also, is it possible to upgrade to a newer version
> without breaking other functionalities?

FreeBSD doesn't have Python installed as part of the standard system - it is
available as a third party port.  The default port version was recently
upgraded to 2.7, and the entry for 20110304 in /usr/ports/UPDATING has clear
instructions on how to upgrade already installed Python packages.

> I am asking because more and more scripts require at least Python 2.5,
> whereas CentOS for example only comes with 2.4.3, and it's pretty much
> impossible to upgrade the system Python without breaking yum and things
> like that.

There is nothing in the base system that relies on Python, so following the
upgrade procedure will not break any essential standard tools.  If all your
currently installed Python packages were installed by means of the ports
system, the update should correctly update them all for you.  Anything
installed by any other means, though, will need to be dealt with manually.


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