UDF and DVD's

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu May 19 09:46:36 UTC 2011

Greetings... :)

The first filesystem DVD... other than a movie DVD (DVD-VIDEO?),
and the FreeBSD make release DVD's (iso9660)... that I've ever tried
to mount, well... don't. It is:
 Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (x64) - DVD (English) 5/12/2011
You can find the SHA-1 hash here:
and a sample image, if needed for reference purposes, via any search

Anyways, after a little reasearch, does FreeBSD not, in fact, support
this UDF version? (I don't yet know how to supply the version of
this image for you?)

Can the FreeBSD team implement it? Perhaps by porting from NetBSD
5.1's seemingly near complete implementation?
As perhaps even a GSOC or Foundation project? Because reading retail
optical filesystem formats would seem to be a rather expected

I'm guessing the current state within FreeBSD means that I can
neither read, nor create, or write, readable (compatible) images
at this, or any given, UDF level?

As I've no other DVD's to test with... what UDF versions are most
DVD data ROM's published in?

Is this a blocker for FreeBSD?

For me, at least, minimally, that seems to be the case... as I now
have no way to rip, mount and add the files to this DVD that I would
like to add. Except to use Windows, which I consider to be unreliable
at best.

Thoughts? Thanks :)

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