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> > What does the list think of XBill's buyout of Skype?
> Gary, if you want to get your fill of FUD on this issue, I would
> strongly recommended that you visit the "Slashdot" site. It has been
> filled with bull-shit on this subject for days now.
> Personally, it reminds me of a football coach's reply to a reporter a
> few years ago. There were three teams left in the playoffs and the
> coach's team was to play the winner. The reporter asked the coach how
> he planned to handle the situation. He replied, that he was going home,
> sit in his recliner with a beer and watch the games on TV. Once the
> outcome of the games had been decided and his opponent revealed, he
> would answer the reporter's question.
> Personally, I believe the buyout is a plus. Microsoft intends, at least
> from press releases released so far, to incorporate Skype into XBox and
> Outlook for starters. It will undoubtedly make the use of Skype far
> easier on Microsoft's operating system. I have yet to see the downside
> of the deal.
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	then what i heard on public broadcasting ['marketplace'] is
	about right; that m$ will expand the skype network to fit its
	few striong points.  just to 2-check, thanks.


	ps: =i= myself rarely use the phone, and now that xbill has bot
	skype, i'd use anything *but*

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