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> What does the list think of XBill's buyout of Skype?

Gary, if you want to get your fill of FUD on this issue, I would
strongly recommended that you visit the "Slashdot" site. It has been
filled with bull-shit on this subject for days now.

Personally, it reminds me of a football coach's reply to a reporter a
few years ago. There were three teams left in the playoffs and the
coach's team was to play the winner. The reporter asked the coach how
he planned to handle the situation. He replied, that he was going home,
sit in his recliner with a beer and watch the games on TV. Once the
outcome of the games had been decided and his opponent revealed, he
would answer the reporter's question.

Personally, I believe the buyout is a plus. Microsoft intends, at least
from press releases released so far, to incorporate Skype into XBox and
Outlook for starters. It will undoubtedly make the use of Skype far
easier on Microsoft's operating system. I have yet to see the downside
of the deal.

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