OpenVPN Setup

Bill Tillman btillman99 at
Wed May 11 22:33:14 UTC 2011

Thanks again for all the great tips on OpenVPN setup. I think its about ready 
for real deployment but I have a couple of more questions.

My OpenVPN server ( is inside my LAN behind another FreeBSD 
router/gateway ( which is running IPFW+NATD and handles the LAN's 
connection to the cable modem. All that is running fine.

In the docs I read it told me to turn forwarding on at the OpenVPN server 
( as well, effectively turning it into another gateway. I was 
wondering if this could be avoided, assuming the docs I read were about a setup 
where the VPN server was right off the Internet and was needed as the gateway.

I added this route to the FreeBSD router ( which on my LAN is the 
machine right off the cable modem:

    route add -net

This made everything work but I'd like to ask if this is the most efficient way 
of setting up the routing table.on the router (

When I check the routing tables on the OpenVPN server with netstat -nr I see 
this info:

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default              UGS         0      31257     bge0        link#3                U               1   101587      bge0         link#3                UHS          0             0       lo0            UGS         0    33716       tun0              link#5               UHS          0            2       
 lo0              link#5               UH            0             0      
 tun0            link#4               UH            0        472        lo0

I'm curious as to why the 3rd entry shows the route for goes through as it's gateway. is not pingable in this setup.

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