ZFS promote failure

Dave Cundiff syshackmin at gmail.com
Wed May 11 16:16:42 UTC 2011


I'm seeing a strange problem trying to use zfs promote.

[root at san2]# zfs snapshot san/sr at snap
[root at san2]# zfs clone san/sr at snap san/sr5
[root at san2]# zfs promote san/sr5
cannot promote 'san/sr5': dataset is busy

Being a freshly created dataset I'm not sure how it would be busy. Are
there any caveats to using zfs promote on zvols? The snapshots are of
ext3 formatted zvols. I don't really need to promote them but wanted
to in case I needed to destroy the source for some reason.


Dave Cundiff
System Administrator
A2Hosting, Inc

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