OpenVPN Setup

Ryan Coleman editor at
Wed May 11 13:18:12 UTC 2011

You can still test it from home... do pings through a specific interface.

Or change your routing table information. Also you can communicate from the server itself to the client to test.

On May 11, 2011, at 8:11 AM, Bill Tillman wrote:

> Thanks to everyone for the replies yesterday on OpenVPN. I'd like to report a 
> few interesting things:
> 1. In doing some google searches on this last night, believe it or not some of 
> the search results were the exact questions I asked in this group, only 
> yesterday afternoon. And this was while I was watching Fox News make reports on 
> how Google is watching and recording everything these days...Sheesh I didn't 
> know their spiders ran that fast.
> 2. I have my OpenVPN process running on my FreeBSD server and wish to test it 
> with the OpenVPN client for Windows on my laptop from an outside location. But 
> the only outside locations I have access to right now are the local McDonalds 
> and Starbucks which offer free WiFi via AT&T's network. The trouble with this is 
> they appear to be blocking almost everything at these locations with the 
> exception of HTTP traffic. I can't make the connection and I cannot acces my LAN 
> via SSH either. I don't think they are blocking any particular ports on these 
> systems as much as they are just blocking everything except those ports which 
> allow users to surf the web. The only thing which appears in the status window 
> is that's it trying to make the handshake but then fails. I can ping my home 
> server from these outside locations so I know my server is reachable.
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