OpenVPN Setup

Bill Tillman btillman99 at
Wed May 11 13:11:56 UTC 2011

Thanks to everyone for the replies yesterday on OpenVPN. I'd like to report a 
few interesting things:

1. In doing some google searches on this last night, believe it or not some of 
the search results were the exact questions I asked in this group, only 
yesterday afternoon. And this was while I was watching Fox News make reports on 
how Google is watching and recording everything these days...Sheesh I didn't 
know their spiders ran that fast.

2. I have my OpenVPN process running on my FreeBSD server and wish to test it 
with the OpenVPN client for Windows on my laptop from an outside location. But 
the only outside locations I have access to right now are the local McDonalds 
and Starbucks which offer free WiFi via AT&T's network. The trouble with this is 
they appear to be blocking almost everything at these locations with the 
exception of HTTP traffic. I can't make the connection and I cannot acces my LAN 
via SSH either. I don't think they are blocking any particular ports on these 
systems as much as they are just blocking everything except those ports which 
allow users to surf the web. The only thing which appears in the status window 
is that's it trying to make the handshake but then fails. I can ping my home 
server from these outside locations so I know my server is reachable.

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