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Mon May 9 17:55:34 UTC 2011

On Mon, 9 May 2011 10:35:54 -0700, John or Judy Hixson <johnorjudy at> wrote:
> Actually I'm using 7.4 because that's the latest version Lucas'
> book covers and I learn better with a book in my hand. When I'm
> ready to actually use FBSD, I'll get going with the latest
> production release.

The sections about how to upgrade your system will help you
with that task, and they will also teach you very good
knowledge about how things work. Once you've upgraded to
the 8- branch, you'll find there aren't much differences
that make the book appear "being wrong". Do not fear to
move on, as the knowledge you're going to obtain is a
_generic_ and _portable_ knowledge which lets you deduct
the "new" things from the "old" ones. It's not that this
knowledge is worthless when a new OS version is out.

> Thanks for your's and other's patient responses. I'm doing
> better now on the command line. Google has been my friend.

Keep in mind that the system _itself_ offers lots of help.
In opposite to many Linusi, and GUI-centric systems in
general, FreeBSD has a high-quality set on manual pages
("man <command, file, nearly anything>"). You can also
access them online. On the web page, you'll also find the
FreeBSD Handbook and the FAQ which may be helpful. Vice
versa, you'll also find them locally on your system, so
getting the informations needed does not depend on being
online - sometimes a big help, especially when in trouble. :-)

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