firefox 4 pkg_add -r and port error ``TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | Exited with code 1 during test run''

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Mon May 9 17:31:43 UTC 2011

Dear folks,

On my system that I have updated to 8.2-RELEASE-amd64 I get mistake if I try to
# pkg_add -r firefox

pkg_add:  package 'perl-5.10.1_3.tbz... Done.
pkg_add:  package 'perl-5.10.1_3.tbz conflicts with perl-5.12.3
pkg_add:  please use pkg_delete first to remove conflicting package(s)
or -f to force installation
pkg_add:  pkg_add of dependency 'perl-5.10.1_3' failed!

I then cd'd to /usr/ports/www/firefox and ran
# make install clean

and encountered a similar error to

INFO | | Application pid: 51999
Error: cannot open display: localhost:1001
TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | Exited with code 1 during test run
INFO | | Application ran for: 0:00:00.514949
INFO | | Reading PID log: /usr/tmp/tmpQW8cK8pidlog
gmake: *** [profiledbuild] Error 1
*** Error code 1

found in

I have run make config and disabled the option WITH_PGO I have
unchecked it and trying again to see if it is building.  If this
fails, I will ask for help or if it succeeds post a Solved message :)



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