Can I bridge the same subnet across a VPN?

Geoff Roberts geoff at
Tue May 3 19:35:17 UTC 2011


Is it possible to join two sites with the same subnet across a VPN?

I have two sites that have the same subnet/mask.

I need these two separated networks to behave as one across a VPN.

All configuration examples I've come across so far assume that each site will 
have a different subnet. Eg, one site with the other with

I control the firewalls at each end. One will be a pfsense firewall, the other 
an existing FreeBSD 7.4 system.

For example I would want to be able to do the following:

Site A                           Site B
------                           ------
Firewall A  --------- Firewall B
      |                                       |
Subnet:       Subnet:

Happy to use either IPSec or OpenVPN to actually encrypt the traffic.

Kind regards,


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