FreeBSD' Webcam and DVB Compatibility List

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We have started a small documentation project in the FreeBSD Wiki: The
FreeBSD' Webcam and DVB Compatibility List.

    The main goal of this page is to give an exact answer about which
    application works with a given cam or DVB. Combinations of the hardware
    and software mentioned below in the table are known to work. 
    Please add more lines to the table or ask me to do so by just sending a
    mail with your Cam/DVB information. Please note: you should only add
    information you have seen working and not you may think of or imagine
    that they could work. The contact information (name and/or email addr)
    is optional. 

If you want me to add your webcam or DVB, please send me a structured
ASCII line of the following format:

Cam or DVB type (USB, build-in);Manufactor;Product Name;VendorID:ProductID (hex);Driver or kernel module;V4L/V4L2;min. tested OS version(s);Supported application(s);Additional comments;Contact

-- use ';' as separator of the fields
-- fill out all fields (if you don't know the value use 'unknown')
-- also use 'unknown' for the field Contact if you don't want your name or mail in the row
-- you may send it as one line (as shown above) or wraped lines after any ';'

Please use the above format and no HTML (HTML will be silently ignored).
As well, please send it to me and not to the list.

Any hints, comments or questions are welcomed, of course.


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