Can't Boot 8.2 with Gmirror

Jason C. Wells jcw at
Sun Mar 27 20:43:11 UTC 2011

Once upon a time, I partitioned two disks identically and then added 
them to a mirror.  It was good.  Then I upgraded to 8.2-RELEASE and now 
I can't boot.  Well, I did a little recovery work and I am currently 
booting without the gmirror so I am satisfied that my data is safe.

Having read a few messages it sounds like there are some steps I need to 
take to fix up my partitioning scheme to make things work right in 
8.2-RELEASE.  But since gotchas got me once, what are the gotchas? 
Should I partition before adding a disk to a mirror?  Unfortunately, one 
of the messages that I read said, "There's no fix as yet." so I am quite 
leary of proceeding without a little help from my friends.

Jason C. Wells

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