Xircom realport in 8.1-RELEASE - how do I determine proper cbb.start_memory ?

George Sanders gosand1982 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 27 19:25:28 UTC 2011

It appears that many PCMCIA network cards no longer work in FreeBSD - this is 
documented here:


However there appears to be a workaround, wherein one sets their 
hw.cbb.start_memory value manually.  Suggested values for xircom cards are:

sysctl hw.cbb.start_memory=0xf4800000
sysctl hw.cbb.start_memory=0x30000000

However, neither of these values work for me, and I continue to get this kind of 


dc1: No station address in CIS!


I am happy to use this workaround, I just wonder how do I determine the proper 
value for this sysctl ?

My xl0 network interface works, and I see that its settings are:

port 0xec80-0xecff mem 0xf8fffc00-0xf8fffc7f

How do I compute the proper sysctl setting for my xircom realport cards ?  (I 
have two of them to insert simultaneously)


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