MySQL 3 needed but how?

Laszlo Nagy gandalf at
Sat Mar 26 17:27:24 UTC 2011


I have an old backup from a MySQL data directory. It was created with 
MySQL version 3. If I install MySQL 4 then I get this message telling 
that the table was created with a different MySQL version.

So I try to install mysql 3. Here is the problem:

gw# pwd
gw# make
===>  mysql-server-3.23.59.n.20050301_3 obsolete and does not build with 
gcc4.2; use mysql 5 or later.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/databases/mysql323-server.

But I really need mysql 3. I usually install everything from the ports 
tree, but in this case this won't work. I need a quick solution. Maybe I 
can install a different OS in a virtual machine. But do you know where 
can I download a BSD OS version that has a binary package of MySQL 
server 3? (I don't know how to search for a BSD OS that has binary 
packages for mysql3...)



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