ImageMagick, pecl-imagick (FreeBSD vs Ubuntu) problem (djvu as well?)

B. Cook bcook at
Wed Mar 16 13:00:57 UTC 2011

I have a server that I just put together to work with image creation.

Its running lighttpd with php being handled by php-fpm all from ports 
running 8.2 amd64.

My problem is quite strange; a simple php script reading in a djvu file 
(via Imagick()) causes php to hang and not do anything. - no errors, 

Running the script via php -f also does the same thing..

cat -n something.php
      1	<?php
      2	$im = new Imagick('/tmp/c30222267.djvu');    // open DjVu image
      3	$im->setImageFormat('png');            // force output format to PNG
      5	// now write to browser
      6	header('Content-type: '.$im->getImageFormat());
      7	echo $im->getimageblob();
      8	?>

So aside from the problem that this php does not do anything..

root at fbsd [/tmp]# 28 > convert /tmp/c30222267.djvu /tmp/file.png && echo $?

root at fbsd [/tmp]# 29 > file file.png
file.png: PNG image, 957 x 1063, 8-bit/color RGBA, non-interlaced

Running the command to convert the djvu file manually seems to have no 
problems at all..

The problem lies in that the developer of this (I am not the main 
developer) says that "all this works perfectly on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 
server at home".. *sigh*

He sent me a php -m to compare my minimal setup to his bloated one; and 
I built every damn module to match.. no difference..

I've asked for a: `convert -list format` output from the lts machine to 
compare it against my own; as well as a `convert -list configure`

Tried to do an strace to see what I could see.. but strace doesn't work 
on amd64..

So can someone offer *something* that I could start to look at or use to 
look at what is causing this to happen? Otherwise it is looking like I 
will be loosing a perfectly good FreeBSD machine to an Ubuntu one.. *sniff*

Thanks in advance.

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