Booting from firmware RAID

Ilya Kazakevich kazakevichilya at
Wed Mar 16 12:59:18 UTC 2011


This is probably more PC-specific than freebsd-specific question. I have
intel firmware raid. OS needs drivers to work with it. FreeBSD sees it as
ar0, so it has drivers.
But I want my OS to be installed on this drive and boot from it. It is not
good idea, but I really want to do it:)
Is it possible?

boot0 and boot1 both work with HDD via BIOS interrupts and CHS, right? So,
how do they know how to access RAID? They has no drivers.
Or BIOS supports interrupts to access RAID with out of drivers? If so --
what for drivers are needed? To access drive via ATA interface?

Is it possible to boot freebsd from "firmware raid"?


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