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On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 02:07:59PM -0600, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD experts,
> There has been something that I find hard to do, I would like to find
> a CTRL + KEY combination, or ALT + KEY combination to input special
> characters like (ñ)  [ALT + 164 or ALT + 0241 in Mr. Gates OS].
> accents other symbols like copyright, euro, etc.  I would like to do
> the same(have a special key combination) to get the characters in
> FreeBSD too, but googling have not found something that works.  I even
> tried to run a litte program in the shell to generate the characters
> to use for cutting + pasting to no avial.
> But the characters after 127 are not printable :( using the pr-ascii script from
> u + 00F1 is the ñ,but I don't know which key combination gives the
> same results as above.  A script/program(C,C++) that would generate
> the characters would be nice, but if there is a key combination that
> could be used to generate the special letters.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Antonio

You can get those characters (digraphs) using vim.

:help dig

in (g)vim.


Ctl-k n ~ 	 ñ
Ctl-k C o	 ©

There's a note about using the Euro sign in the vim helpfile. (Depends
on the encoding of the font you're using.)

You could also make macros for these digraphs in vim.




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