Coldfusion, Postgres and Java under FreeBSD

Rodrigo Freitas freitas.rodrigo at
Mon Mar 7 17:59:08 UTC 2011

Thanks a lot!!

Has anyone successfully installed Coldfusion 9?

On Monday, March 7, 2011, Nerius Landys <nlandys at> wrote:
>> Question #2: Is the JVM implementation for FreeBSD reliable and fast? Most
>> of my software components are made in Java (including HSQDB)
> Since I have experience with Java on FreeBSD, I will try to answer
> this question.
> Java works very well for me under FreeBSD; I have not had a single
> problem with Java on FreeBSD.
> To install java, you can either install a pre-compiled JDK (called
> diablo-jdk) or compile all the JDK sources from scratch using the
> ports system.  If you compile yourself from ports, you can choose
> either JDK 1.5 or JDK 1.6 (there may even be newer and older JDK
> versions that work fine).  I'm running JDK 1.5 compiled from source on
> both my servers, and have had no problems in my Java applications.
> The dependencies list for 1.6 is a bit more involved, but the
> compile/install process is so automated that you won't be bothered
> with the amount of work it takes to install a JDK.
> So, in a nutshell, Java is very well supported under FreeBSD and you
> should consider this to be a non-issue.

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