how to read a live changing capture file with a tcpdump or wireshark like with tail for a file.

Mubeesh ali mubeeshalivm at
Tue Mar 1 16:39:29 UTC 2011

Hi ,

We do wifi troubleshooting and are planning to use kismet for wireless
captures. It produces a file that will be written into every 300
secs(configurable value ,we use 30 secs).  While comparing with a
expensive windows sniffer like Omnipeek   the only disadvantage of
this free tool is we have to continoulsly do tcpdump -r
<filename.pcap> as the file changes. same with wireshark we need to
hit the refresh button.

Is there something equivalent to 'tail' for changing files  for
reading pcap files ? Appreciate any suggestions.

Best  Regards,
Mubeesh Ali.V.M

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