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On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 10:01 PM, Dick Hoogendijk <dick at> wrote:

> OK, it works very well. Installing a ZFS FreeBSD system with an ufs /boot
> is very very easy using the PC-BSD DVD.
> However, I have one question:
> I'd like to install FreeBSD (pcbsd) on a (zfs) mirror
> In OpenSolaris you can install directly to the zfs mirror, but how's this
> in this situation> After all, an UFS partitin is also created. How can I get
> the equivalent of an OpenSolaris mirrored install for a FreeBSD system?
> Hope I phrased the question clearly enough.
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Hello Community,

 Like others said in their answer to your question, you don't have to put
/boot on UFS, just go with root on ZFS.
If you would like speed when installing the system I recommend mfsBSD - As pointed out
in the web page there is a script (zfsinstall) that does all the work for
you. It does all the steps described in the
wiki -

 If you want to gain knowledge about the process of installing FreeBSD with
root on ZFS then go with the wiki
article. Using mfsBSD I install a 8.2-STABLE custom system in under 5
seconds. That's pretty neat :).

a great day,
network warrior

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